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LSU Computer Society

General Meeting Minutes 27/10/11

Date: 27/10/11

Time: 19:00

Location: Union Council Chambers

Quorum: 40% of Society Members

Meeting Start: 17:20

1) Committee Reports

Social Secretary

  • Very succesful mega social with several other societies. Now got good links with Echoes Event Manager for future socials

  • Another big social to be planned before christmas – possible trip to Mosh in Leiecester

  • Christmas social – to take place after the Society Showcase. Special society stupid tuesday with a christmas theme

  • Another console night to be planned for end of November/beginning of December

Technical Officer

  • Major issues at LAN30 – we now know what the problem is (one of the core routers was running on the wrong iOS). Issue was temporarily fixed at the LAN but needs to be sorted out at some point properly. Apart from that the LAN ran very smoothly

  • Tech Talks have been very successful and more will be planned for the future – posibilities of an overclocking talk, watercooling talk etc

  • Blotch webserver was rebuilt over Summer – issues at the time but it is now running very well and is set up to be future proof

Gaming Officer

  • Tournaments ran very well at LAN30 despite the network issues. Only issue with TF2 was the miscalculation in the tournament bracketing

  • RTS tournament will be debated for future LANs – if enough interest is present we will run one

  • GLaDOS gaming server is now running very well on campus – on demand gaming will come in the future but a lot of work will be required for this

  • NUEL gaming league seems to be picking up now – organisation was a massive issue with their last event though. Hopefully they can improve it

  • Many members are now taking part in TF2 Lobby matches – possibilities of running a permanent Lobby server for members

Events Officer

  • The LAN van is underused – only a handful of people used it at LAN30. Does not make it very good value for money considering it costs £130 to hire. Next LAN emails will go out a lot sooner to try and get more people on-board

  • Bletchley park trip is organised and ready

  • Go-Karting trip to be organised for new year


  • £792.54 currently in the bank account

  • Large amount of cash from LAN30 and other ticket sales to go in

  • Membership fees are also still to go in

  • Should be receiving a minimum of £1450 membership fees and a max of £1850

  • At LAN30 we made £465 from non-member tickets

  • Still have reimbursements for summer and LAN30 costs to go out


  • New eReceipt system – all our tickets and receipts are now done digitally with emails and a simple web interface. There are plans now to offer it to all societies in the Union

  • We’ve now moved from our old Drupal/phpBB website to the new XenForo platform – much more expandable and user friendly than our old system. Also means the LAN website can now be integrated into the forums itself

  • New society Minecraft server – members and anyone who has attended a LAN may have builder rights on it. Can connect to it at glados.lsucs.org.uk:27020


  • At this time we have 121 members – not only the most members we have ever had, we are now the biggest society. This year we’ve also had the most freshers we’ve ever had – over 40

  • LAN30 was our biggest ever – 111 people attended

  • We are also the most active society – most members to regular socials etc

  • LAN report:

    • Router issues (as discussed by the TO)

    • Also had problems with IT services – they only gave us 100Mb internet links instead of 1Gb

    • Veteran scheme is now going to be extended into a Team Captain scheme – worked very well at LAN30

    • Announcements were not very good – needs to be worked on for next LAN (display everything on the projector etc)

2) New Committee Positions
We will be introducing two new committee roles:

  • Vice Technical Officer

  • Vice Gaming Officer

They will be training roles for the main committee positions – basically apprenticeships. They won’t be core roles so elections will be held in October at the beginning of each year. The aim is for fresher/second year students to run for these roles so they will eventually be able to go for the full positions. Final year students will not allowed to run for Vice positions

Vice positions will also be expected to help out at the LANs by aiding the TO and GO.

Elections will be held 4 weeks from now on 30th November

3) Events

  1. Console Night

This weekend in Fusions from 5pm

  1. SocFed Forum

2nd of November – a chance to ask the SocFed committee anything you want.

  1. Bletchley Park

5th of November – full details are on the forum. We will be leaving Loughborough at 8pm, aiming to arrive for 10pm. We will then have a full guided tour of the place. After that we will go to the pub before coming back for the fireworks in the evening. Aim is to be back in Loughborough by 10:30pm

  1. Elections GM

30th November

  1. LAN31

10th-11th December

20 tickets already sold

  1. SocFed Christmas Social

13th December – discussed above

  1. Christmas Meal

Date TBC – to take place in the Thai Grand

6) Member Feedback

  • Sponsorship from Wetherspoons – possibility but it might not fit under the union’s policies

  • Notify Amber Rooms about post-LAN socials so they don’t run out of food

  • Football league – Ben to possibly organise

7) AOB

  • Possibilities of a LAN on the 19th-20th November. Will not be as big as LAN30 (no LAN Van or prizes etc). Will only be £5 for members and £10 for non-members. Details to follow on the forum. Will be named LAN30.5

www.lufbra.net/compsoc Page of


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