Translated from English into Russian by Yana Berrier, Esq. 

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НазваниеTranslated from English into Russian by Yana Berrier, Esq. 
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Legal Glossary 
Юридический Глоссарий 
Translated from English into Russian by Yana Berrier, Esq. 
Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento 
720 9th Street 
Sacramento, CA  95814 
Phone: (916) 874-6867   Fax: (916) 874-8229 

The Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento ("Court"), has prepared this 
Legal Glossary.  The Court cannot guarantee that the translations contained therein are 
completely accurate, although reasonable attempts were made to achieve this goal.  This 
glossary is to be used for general reference purposes only, should be considered a "work-
in-progress," and is not intended to provide legal advice.  This glossary is not intended to 
be used as a study guide for purposes of passing California court interpreter certification 
examinations, as some terminology might differ when used in specific context.  
Neither the Administrative Office of the Courts, nor the Superior Court of California, 
Sacramento County, nor any of its officials or employees assumes any legal liability or 
responsibility for the accuracy of these translations.  For more information or comments, 
please contact Ms. Elaine Flores, Administrative Services Officer II of the Court, at (916) 
874-8663 or via e-mail at 

Legal Glossary 
1203.03 PC MOTION - Request to cancel, modify, change or terminate probation. 
1203.4 PC MOTION - Request to take back guilty plea or set aside a guilty verdict, and dismiss the 
accusations or information.  (Made after probation has either terminated or defendant was discharged from 
probation prior to termination.) 
170.6 PC MOTION - Request to disqualify the assigned judge from hearing a matter. 
995 PC MOTION - Request made by a defendant to dismiss a count of information. 
 - When a parent leaves a child without enough care, supervision, support, or parental 
contact for an excessive period of time. 
ABATE - To put an end to; to cancel out. 
ABATEMENT OF ACTION - A suit which has been set aside and ended. 
ABDUCTION – The offense of taking away a wife, child, or ward, by deceitful persuasion, force, or 
ABROGATE - To repeal or cancel an old law using another law or constitutional power. 
ABSTRACT - A summary of what a court or government agency does. In Traffic, document that is sent to 
the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to update driving record. 
ABSTRACT OF JUDGMENT- Summary of the court's final decision. Can be used as a lien if you file it 
with the county recorder. 
ABSTRACT OF RECORD - Short form of the case. 
ABUSE – (1) immoderate or improper use; (2) to do physical, sexual, or psychological harm to someone. 
ABUSE OF PROCESS - Misuse of the power of the court. 
ACCESSORY - A person who helps someone else commit a crime, either before or after the crime. 
ACCIDENT AND MISFORTUNE – An unintentional event; unforeseen event causing misfortune. 
ACCOMPLICE - A person that helps someone else commit a crime. Can be on purpose or not. 
ACCORD - A satisfaction agreed upon between the parties in a lawsuit, which prevents further actions 
after the claim. 
ACCORD AND SATISFACTION - Agreement by the parties to settle a claim or dispute in which the 
parties typically agree to give or accept something. 
ACCRUAL – The total amount of child support payments that are owed or that are late.  
ACCUSATION - A formal charge against a person.  
ACCUSED - The person that is charged with a crime and has to go to criminal court.  (See 
ACKNOWLEDGMENT - Saying, testifying, or assuring that something is true.  
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