«Явления компенсации, отношений и диалектики существуют един ством». Философия существует с далеко

Название«Явления компенсации, отношений и диалектики существуют един ством». Философия существует с далеко
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Elements can be alive and lifeless организмы, their structures, organic and inorganic materials, and also electrical, electronic, mechanical components etc.

The weak knowledge any of sciences of a nature and insufficiency of practice will not allow to carry out(spend) successful works.

Only originally free from однобокости the reason having infinite knowledge, will result in success.

Since July 2008г. the new knowledge of occurrence anywhere, and бесследном disappearance (absorption) of infinite quantity(amount) of an electrical current in the condenser and coil of inductance has appeared, at the appropriate switching in them of an initial final electrical current.

The new knowledge enables to apply such source to the greatest effect in an infinite variety of interactions of the phenomena, properties both laws of space and time.
EFFICIENCY. Ложь. A bluff and reality.
Using stagnation and ложь in sciences, all blossom фокуснические of a society(community) and persons who are making profit on use of opening of the true scientists, which are not recognized " by(with) an official science ".

The official science is silent about blind вере and about фокусниках - молодчиках, not understanding occurring, or winning time for reorganization of the structures with the purpose of absolute domination.

The author has found out in Википедии the following material with obvious mistakes by definitions of EFFICIENCY:

" Efficiency

THE EFFICIENCY (Efficiency) is an attitude(relation) of useful work to the spent energy.

THE EFFICIENCY is dimensionless size and frequently is measured in percentage. EFFICIENCY = A/Q, where And - spent work, and Q useful heat. By virtue of the law of preservation of energy of EFFICIENCY is always less than or equal to unit, т. е. It is impossible to receive useful work more, than is spent of energy ".

EFFICIENCY of the thermal engine - attitude(relation) of the perfect useful work of the engine, to energy received from a heater. .................................................................................

By words, writes one, and letters of the formula - opposite!

_В Conformity with the received results of the long-term researches, the author is compelled to bring to this material of change in the following statement:

The mess with the letters is obvious at the simple analysis. This mess it(he) has found out 50 years back, has informed the teacher of physics, and the cart and nowadays there - textbook Перышкина is republished with mistakes in 2005г. and is authority of a science, being published by the parts in Википедии. But when the speech comes about EFFICIENCY, the authors become completely helpless.

About what expenses there is a speech - not clearly. Who or what spends energy?

On it the whole complex is constructed lie, изворотов and all jumps with grimaces of an out-of-date dogmatic science trying to be turned out and to keep the positions.

It(she) did not manage to decide(solve) a task of infinite power, so she(it) in every possible way tries to prevent introduction of works of the author.

However fact - obstinate thing. The examination has confirmed a reality of the formulas, equations, circuits and theory of the author on infinite energy of a point.

Unimportantly - who or that spends, what EFFICIENCY of system, main receives infinite energy from a point.

Simply this false through to science more is not present a place and she(it) will suffer a uttermost failure even in variants хитросплетений from its(her) party on questions to it(her) to the certain EFFICIENCY.

In Википедии should be submitted so:

THE EFFICIENCY (Efficiency) is a result of the attitudes(relations) of size of useful work (energy) to size of spent (work) of energy.

The size of EFFICIENCY is dimensionless size and frequently is measured in percentage.

EFFICIENCY = A/Q, where Q - size of the spent work, and A - size of useful work.

( Factor and result - part of speech of a man's sort).

So it was necessary to write and in the textbook famous Перышкина! The letters need simply to be changed!

Similar, on any case, two absolutely opposite variations of words and letters are written! Suddenly will find the decision of EFFICIENCY more unit?

Some scientists твердят, that ostensibly by virtue of the Law of preservation of energy of EFFICIENCY always less or is equal to unit, т. е. It is impossible to receive useful work more, than is spent of energy.

This concept does not take into account a relativity of uncertain sizes энергий EFFICIENCY expressed by his(its) formulation.

Such concept also contradicts definitions of modern physics, in which size of useful energy of EFFICIENCY the sizes of internal energy of a point are considered(examined) concerning sizes of uncertain energy of expenses, in particular.

Everywhere infinite energy. Unless it is possible her(it) to equal or to divide in fraction?

Wishing to receive degrees and ranks, money and other values from general(common) "boiler" search for variants of a juggling of infinity!

The law of preservation of energy speaks about превращаемости and transitions энергий, not considering(examining) interaction of their infinite and zero sizes.

If the considered(examined) energy is infinite or неопределена, under the law of preservation of energy she(it) is kept infinite or uncertain.

In this case and the EFFICIENCY can be infinite or uncertain.

So about what there is a speech? " That I want - that ворочу " - technology of an old science. She(it) illiterately defines(determines) EFFICIENCY and then simply замудривается.

But the infinity - is infinity, she(it) will find out any distortions and will decide(solve) all correctly. It is important to understand her(it) and it(her) to operate.

Operate infinite energy of a point, instead of people!!!

As a result of researches, the EFFICIENCY can aspire to infinity because of his(its) relativity. (Is confirmed by examination).

THE EFFICIENCY is the relative certain category as a result of the attitudes(relations) of sizes энергий and can be uncertain size in cases оперирования of the attitudes(relations) of infinite and zero meanings(importance) of sizes useful and spent энергий.

Such categories are considered(examined), for example, by(with) the quantum mechanics being section of modern physics.

There are also other categories.

The vacuum, for example, pulls inside of itself any kind of a matter. It is ideal variant of use of internal draft with use of the appropriate designs.

Whether it(he) pulls? Can be, push other measurements?

Нейтраль - the system aspires to balance. Infinite energy in нейтрали are motionless concerning the certain system.

Strike till any of these concerning motionless infinite on size энергий. Receive any result. Find variant of impacts for extraction of additional energy is a decision can be useful. The positive energy most acceptable, but its(her) size can be unsufficient and it is required to decide(solve) the certain tasks for satisfaction of needs of the consumers. A cold, heat etc. ит.п., always it is possible to transform for the benefit of, having created the appropriate devices.

The author demonstrates uncertain infinity and asks to not carp at definitions, since because of enough strong knowledge itself can deny in anything any idea and create new. Then it(he) in a condition to deny the created idea and so to continue indefinitely. It not always can result in the decision of tasks of life. Always any idea will be stopped by(with) a question - Where the device? Nevertheless, the coordinated actions of ideas and businesses can, at observance of the certain conditions, to decide(solve) these vital tasks.

Умники and gods.
The gods indefinitely give practically, almost nothing consuming.

The gods take infinite energy from a point of measurements, i.e. anywhere and nobody harming.

The gods are гегемоны the workers, about what spoke always and revolutionaries, выворачивая начистоту жуликов.

Автономник itself gives energy to the people, not беря her(it) at them.

The present worker it understands, but selling is not present.

The decisions "Н" do not depend on the decision of the thieves, which very high opinion on the persons, owning the peoples of the countries and were afraid to lose these possession.

What by him(it) the god in a human body and poverty, if they in the same body, but in riches?

The hurricanes, droughts, rains and other катаклизмы, every possible processes of changes of situations in times, spaces and measurements caused by emotions "Н" still(even) from the moment of an input(entrance) it(him) in a body of the newborn man till the present time, people were perceived by only kinds of accidents. But when "Н" changed by the emotions the contents of film on the TV set at the presence of the engineer and engineering on electronics, those were silent, were shocked. "Н" was compelled this all to reduce for fun, seeing pallor and stiffened fear of their persons. The last time coped!

Ложь. Невежество of a science.
Open ложь of a science is expressed in bases of physics, in which the definitions are given, on which the physics and all sciences, following it(her) is under construction: mathematics, chemistry, philosophy etc. resulting(bringing) to absolute illiteracy and невежеству of the man and society(community) of a planet.

The threat of violence forces to be silent of all people up to the certain moment, but, eventually, comes it is time to answer the founders of these sciences for pitiable results of activity of mankind on a planet, in summary the severe analysis of all history of a science begins.

The physics begins the way from definitions of a matter, substance, field, movement, and further passes to definitions of the mechanics and other sections.

She(it) does not understand infinity of energy of points диалектики, relativity and uncertainty, and all definitions gives absolutely false&, being confused in the works named as the theories and at the end begins to undertake attempts of correction, entering here and there beginnings of concepts of uncertainty, which should serve its(her) basis.

The brake of a thunder-storm агностицизма does(makes) the black business, антагонистически and inconsiderately, relying on apparent simplicity of a stone, sickle and молота, not able to speak a piano and other continuous nonsenses keeping, on насилиях, prevailing class.

Someone should for физиков make definitions, proofs, devices and theories, and they in a condition only to receive the salary and to be simple погонщиками, надсмотрщиками, receivers, transmitters and other прислугой of the misters in them самоварной to a science reporting before the higher misters?

The creation of the device proving representation of infinite energy of a point, destroys unsteady bases лжефизики and following behind it(her) лженаук.

On a planet воцаряется uncontrollable crisis as a result of inability to keep the false attitudes(relations) in a nature and society(community). Лженаука tries to get out by the global projects, but, alas - the crisis accrues even more because of ложности of directions and ignoring of infinite energy of a point, which obstinately destroys all attempts her(it) to bypass or to appropriate(give) itself - illiterate " to the professionals of a science ".

The basic question, which can be decided(solved) only by(with) the man with strong reason, is the direction of activity of the individual who has created an independent source, i.e. source of infinite energy of a point.

Example: you were presented such source by(with) certain unknown forces missed for ever and which are not having more with whom of contact. What you with it(him) will do(make)?

Will use secretly? The relatives and neighbours, friends familiar, comrades, телепаты, psychics, special service, spies, gangsters etc. will become interested: - what it with you? Before such was not, and now you look - what is done(made)? Whence " at it " such not clear results in life? Прослушка, жучки, videosupervision ("casual"). Long will not stretch.

Will patent? Who patents infinity? Besides you will be compelled to prove, having showed(presented) a sample working not less of year with the circuit, instructions and other documents. After presentation, it(him) will make (well, certainly, the citizen, independent of you, of other country is absolutely casual). Your source will appear far ничтожеством on capacity, dimensions and many other parameters. You will stay in жалкой to poverty, as well as were, moreover and under a cap.

Will escape on north, in катакомбы or in Siberia?

The special services everywhere will find. At them the companions, жучки, спецподразделения, weight to the unknown simple man of means and bodies.

Temporarily hide? Do not overlook(forget) powerful structure of the psychics, магов, колдунов, телепатов and ясновидцев. Will expose. At the night in dream will untwist on any distance and at protection. Still Сталин has created powerful confidential institutes for the similar purposes. Now and they - children's лепет against existing bodies сильнейших of the countries.

The correct answer of strong reason will be: absolutely closed, absolute openness. In other words: when itself will do, nobody is terrible. The circuit is indefinitely complex(difficult) also any biofield, any wizard and мага, is unable her(it) to understand. Even serviceability it can not define(determine), being confused in questions of capacity, degree of readiness, durability, serviceability, utility and infinite weight of other questions of specific work of electronic engineering of absolute complexity.
The closer to end of an independent sample, the is sharper the problem of his(its) introduction in the large scales and shortest terms is allocated.

December 25 2009г. managed to be improved synchronization of processes in several switchboards of the circuit. In result the reduced sizes of inductance all the same have allowed to receive EFFICIENCY about 80 units (we shall remind, that one unit corresponds(meets) 100 %).

Such results once again have confirmed viability of the new theories of the author.

Similar, the day of end of an autonomy, i.e. extraction of positive energy from a point in an electromagnetic kind without use of external sources is near. The starting current from the small-sized accumulator disconnected after start-up of system of an autonomy will be used only.

Means, it is necessary to begin the amplified(strengthened) processing of materials concerning the future introduction of this source - of a sample.

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